Monday, July 16, 2007

The Parker Collection

For the past 6 weeks now I have been buying the remaining wardrobe of a mysterious California glamor girl. On an almost daily basis I am visited by this women's equally mysterious daughter, who dress by dress, pantsuit by pantsuit, sells me her mothers clothing. Why did this woman have 7 unworn pairs of hazard orange hotpants? Why did she need 4 pairs of eggplant purple pants? My store has literally been transformed into this women's closet.

Both the Alfred and this 60's swirling no name dress are pieces from her seemingly endless collection of shifts and mini dresses. The Shaheen is a tunic with a built in boob container and slits that go all the way up the side, meant to be with cigarette pants i'm sure-or maybe orange hot pants....who knows.

1 comment:

  1. hmmm...that dress would look good on me...yes, yes it would!