Sunday, May 11, 2008

Going to the Prom

Over the past few months, scores of high school girls have passed through the Xtabay, many of them leaving with a dress to wear to the prom. Since my own prom wasn't exactly yesterday, it's been interesting to see what's been popular.

Quite a few girls (I know that they're biologically women, but as long as mom is paying the bill I'll call them girls) go straight for 1980s formals. We've probably sold ten Jessica McClintock prom dresses with lacy overlays that could have easily come from the costume trailer of Pretty In Pink. Most of the dresses were knee length, and many of them have been black.

Some of the more adventurous girls go straight for the fluffy, tulle-skirted 1950s formals. These are the girls that I have a hunch will have the best time. They're going to princess-up for the prom with ropes of rhinestones. I hope each of them gets a gardenia corsage.

Other girls co-opt vintage wedding dresses for the prom. Their boyfriends had better watch out, because they'll be expecting something better than the Olive Garden for dinner, and their boyfriend's cumberbunds had better match their dresses.

Shopping vintage is a great way to get a dress for prom. There's so much variety at the Xtabay, and you know that no one else will have the same dress that you have. Plus, you'll actually have money left over to get a mani-pedi before you go out.

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