Friday, May 29, 2009

Xtabay Introduces Bridal Collection by Sonia Kasparian

We are so excited to annouce the arrival of Portland designer Sonia Kasparian's line of re-constructed wedding gowns. Each gown is one-of-a kind masterpiece, made from bits and pieces of old retired (or just plain tired) wedding gowns and cocktail dresses. Aren't they just the dreamiest things ever?

Dip-dyed wedding gown by Urchin 785. available exclusively at Xtabay.

Chocolate silk satin cocktail dress by Urchin 455. available at Xtabay.

Lavander mist dip-dyed wedding gown by Urchin 998. available at Xtabay.

Sonia's line is also available at Flutter on Mississippi. Contact Xtabay for more information at 503 230 2899.


  1. How much is that last one going for?

  2. isn't it the dreamiest thing ever? It's only 998. Come by and try it on! Sonja will custom fit it to you.

  3. i was visiting from ohio 2 weeks ago and fell in love with the last dress [lavander mist]. do you still have it? i'm moving to portland in august and would like to make arrangements for purchasing! email me?

    christine in cleveland!

  4. looks like these dresses run on the teensy size.. any wedding-type dresses for middle sized girls?

  5. These are fantastic dresses. I see a lot of wedding dresses as a professional photographer, and these are some of the most stunning I've seen.