Monday, July 27, 2009

Latest Favorite Find

Buried in the depths of a dark closet, amidst poly slacks and decorative sweatshirts, I found this evening gown. Tucked away in a diamond tuck print gold plastic garment bag, it looked as if it hadn't been touched since it was last worn, maybe sometime in 1952. It took a trip to the dry cleaners and a bit of stitching to return it to it's original stature. It's so glamorous I can barely stand it!
On a body it does what all good dresses should do. It carves out a wasp-like waist. It makes your breasts spill over in generous abundance and it gives you hypnotic hips. Maybe I'm being a little dramatic but really...look at it...
The dress is being featured in our front window this week. Feel free to come by and be blown away.


  1. I'm no where near to come see it. :(

    Is it for sale or just display?

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