Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"I could never pull that off"

At the Xtabay, we tend to hear a lot of the same comments over and over. "My grandma had one just like this", for instance. And, "People sure were small back then". Another comment we hear from time to time, and one that breaks my heart is, "I love that dress, but I could never pull if off".

People, if you love something, and it fits, wear it. I remember years ago trying on an Adrienne Vittadini knit dress in a department store. It was a simple black and white dress with a high neckline, but it hugged my every curve. It looked fabulous, but I wasn't used to showing my shape like that. The friend I was with said, "Do you want to grow old saying you were afraid to wear a dress?" Excellent point.

Sure, it's going to feel a little scary the first time you meet up with friends while you're sporting your new red 1960s sheath dress if most of your wardrobe comes from the mall. But remember how great you felt when you put the dress on in your bedroom? Remember looking at yourself in the mirror and thinking that the dress expressed a glamorous or chic or romantic or even goofy side of you that you love? 

Take that feeling on the street with you. Wear it with pride. When you choose a dress that you love, even if it scares you a little, what you're doing is making a commitment to the person you really are. It's time to stop hiding your light. We think you look gorgeous. Isn't that what you want to remember in you dotage?


  1. You are preaching to the choir! Thanks so much for writing this little article. We only live once(?) so what is the worst thing that could happen wearing something that is a little bit challenging to you? Life is too short to not try something new and fabulous!

  2. You are spot on. There are no do overs in life, so take chances and live life to the fullest.


  3. Rachel and Anonymous,

    Thank you! I can tell we're kindred spirits!