Monday, November 2, 2009

Time to Rethink that Handbag

What has happened to us lately? Look at the handbags out there. They're big enough to hold sleeping bags and snoozing Rottweilers. Tiny women hobble down the street encumbered by massive purses. This is so wrong on so many levels. For one, the balance is all off. Only the tallest and thinnest can get away with a big bag. For another, why do you need such a big bag? Are you carrying your iron lung in there? Finally, have you priced a chiropractor lately? Honestly. Think about it.

It didn't used to be that way. Xtabay has a shelf of vintage handbags showcasing gorgeous craftsmanship in a moderately sized structures. Many of the bags snap open to reveal gently scented, leather lining with a tiny mirror in the side pocket, maybe even a comb, and sometimes a leather coin purse secured to the inside of the bag with a delicate chain. The bags come in highly polished napa leather or real patent leather or soft-as-cream suede. They have tiny brass pegs to protect their bottoms when you tuck the purse in your desk drawer or on the seat next to you at the restaurant.

Each bag is a work of art. They settle elegantly on the arm and are plenty large enough to hold a cell phone, hankie, slim wallet, lipstick, keys, and a golden atomizer of Shalimar. If you're hell bent on lugging around yoga togs and an old banana, you can toss them in the trunk. Keep a collapsible tote for library books and gym clothes. They have no business being in your most intimate of accessories--your purse.

It's time to pare down. Think about what's important to you. Tuck a tiny photo of your Papillon or a golden lock of hair from your toddler the side pocket. Scent your handkerchief with your lover's aftershave and let it rest where its scent will mingle with the leather. Put your most flattering red lipstick and your vintage compact filled with French grain translucent powder inside. When you go into the world, take with you just what you need. Distill who you are and what you require into your purse, and leave the rest behind.

Right now the Xtabay is chock-a-block with stellar bags. Come in and find the one that's yours.

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