Thursday, April 8, 2010

Summer Dream Dresses and Subtle Sequins

Look what the cat dragged in this week....The perfect pair of 50's sundresses. Is it just me or are these things becoming extinct? I love the gathered bust line and delicate piping along the edges. The dress on the left has the most beautiful painterly print of luscious flowers and birds. Subtle sequins take it up a notch. I love sequins in the day....why limit them to the evening? We need more color, more light and sparkle! Even if they are--subtle....


  1. What size is the dress on the right?!?! I will come in tomorrow if I have to to buy it!

  2. The last dress is one of my favorite styles, gathered bust, thin straps, and full skirt :)


  3. These summer dresses are beautiful! I love the prints, especially the one with the birds. The silhouettes are beautiful as well.