Monday, April 25, 2011

Coffee and Cream Dream....

Rarely do I dedicate a post to one dress, but this one deserved it's own spread.  Made in the early 1960's by the label Cotillion it has everything you'd ever ask for in a dress.  It's dreamy and's unusual and unexpected.  The color is an odd one for a dress of this type but that's what makes it all the more compelling.  I'm in love....Whether your going to prom or getting married, this is the kind of dress that memories are to be made in.  The dress is currently starring in the window at Xtabay and won't last long. It is a size 2 with a 24" waist  ( hence, I will not be wearing it in this lifetime).
Happy Monday and thanks for looking!


  1. Love the details, the length, the color, just beautiful. (I also will not be wearing this dress) but oooohhhhhh,,, love it!

  2. That dress is incredibly gorgeous! I wish your store was in DC :-(

  3. coffee and cream dream color vintage clothing looks beautiful..