Sunday, January 1, 2012

Top Ten Dresses of 2011

Coming in at number 10...this pink and red early 60's Mad Men silk chiffon show-stopper was meant to break hearts, which it did when it sold the same day it came in. If I had a thousand of these frocks I could retire early---though I wouldn't want to!

 9:By far one of the most exciting things that happened in 2011 was seeing one of my dresses on the White House Steps. See the elegant lady on the far right? That's White House Chief of Protocol Capricia Marshall wearing a gown she purchased at Xtabay. Goal for 2012 finding a dress for Michelle...

The gown that made it to the White House....1960's ice blue beaded gown made in Hong Kong and formerly owned by Lee Iacocca's personal secretary--How random is that?

Coming in at number 8: The ethereal 1950's illusion lace neckline wedding gown. Worn her by Krystal South and photographed out at Sauvies Island by Holly Andres.

Coming in at number 7 is this breathtaking Edwardian lace wedding gown form 1910. We sold this to a beautiful bride this past year and I can't wait to see pictures from her wedding!

 Number 6: This fantastic 1960's fire engine red silk chiffon party dress earned over 100 likes on our facebook page, making it the most "liked" dress of the year. I like it too...

5: When Portlandia star Carrie Brownstein came by the shop looking for a dress to wear to the Portlandia premier in New York I had no idea what impact it would have. Luckily we were able to put together the perfect outfit and landed a mention in People magazine! Whoo hoo!

Dress number 4 is one of the most beautiful constructed silk chiffon gowns we have ever featured. This ivory grecian goddess gown looks so much like a Madame Gres gown I searched every seam for a label--but couldn't find anything. Oh well, beauty doesn't need a label...

Number 3: Speaking of Goddess gowns  is another label-less beauty. This exquisite egyptian revival gown looks to be from the 70's and I can't help but wonder if this gown was made to coincide with the legendary King Tut exhibition that toured the states at that time.  

Detail of beaded bodice...

Tied at number 2: Readers, I think you should decide-- should it be the painted silk couture garden party dress from the late 50's by Arnold Scassi OR the over the top tangerine tango ( Pantone's color of the year) 50's lace party dress. Both are so fabulous I can't decide!

Drumroll please.......We have had soooo many fabulous dresses this past year, it is really hard to pick just one. The most popular, requested and inquired about (still to this day!) dress of 2011 is...... 

The fantastic late 40's raspberry lurex bombshell halter dress by Emma Domb!


Thanks to all our wonderful friends who made this our best year ever! We look forward to finding you beautiful dresses in 2012.

Did you know we just opened a Vintage Bridal Salon right above Xtabay? 
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  1. Great recap! And my No. 1 is so stunning! My vote is for the floral one for No. 2!!

  2. your collection of dresses is astounding. Here in Australia we do not get to see these sort of dresses so thank you for sharing your finds with us just beautiful.

  3. Vintage dresses are enduringly popular for a very good reason. The classic cuts and elegant silhouettes of vintage dresses have stood the test of time, flattering our figures decade after decade.