Monday, March 19, 2012

Rare Finds....

Gorgeous 1920's silk charmeuse flapper dress, size 4. 298.

Stunning 1930's periwinkle chiffon evening gown with deco details, size 13-14. Rare larger size! 298.

Exquisite 1930's silk bias cut evening gown with silk tulle accents and jacket, 398. Size 7-8

1930's Crown Royale satin T-Straps, size 9 N, 198.

1930's gilded leather t-strap heels, size 7 N, 150.

1930's Palter De Liso metallic lame shoes, size 8 N, sold.

Like new 1940's gold fishnet peep-toes, size 8 aa, 165.

Fun way to store your bangle collection! Thanks to the blog Vintage Vixen for the inspiration to re-organize my shelves and dresser!

well, at least it's semi organized... Do you think I need to sell some of my bakelite collection?!

Gorgeous 1960's ombre sequined cardigan, 98. Size med.

Joanne is truly a rare find, here she is modeling the green goddess dress by Mollie Parnes. 
Anyone in the vintage clothing business knows how hard it is these days to find good quality clothing from the 20's and 30's.  The stuff is simply drying up.
 Oh how I miss the days when I could go to Value Village and come home with a few bag loads of vintage treasures. The things I used to find were astonishing. Honestly, that's how I got hooked.
 Finding fabulous vintage clothing is a lot more complicated these days. Lucky for me, having a shop means people can bring the stuff to you.
 I am thrilled to be consigning a collection of items from a local Portland woman that has been collecting vintage clothing since the 70's.  She has shared with me her lovely collection of vintage shoes and gowns from the 20's and 30's. I will be posting more items later this week.

See anything you can't live without? Email me at with any questions.


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