Monday, April 2, 2012

Inside the store with a spectacular spring bouquet from our friend Megan at Fieldwork.
Stunning early 60's sea foam satin floral party dress. 1950's rhinestone choker by Weiss. 

Dress has a 26" waist and is 198. Necklace is 98.

Incredible 60's ombre sequined cardigan, size med. 98.

Late 50's shantung silk red, white and blue polka dot print by Miss Brooks. Waist 26", 348.
available on our ETSY page!

Super fabulous early 60's black and white bubble skirt cocktail dress, waist 27", 198. 

Saturday afternoon shopping at Xtabay....

Darling prom shopper tries on the 50's New Look silk faille party dress with matching jacket....

Her captivated family looks on...
Next she tries on a 50's silk taffeta strapless stunner with the help of Mom while Heidi looks on...

TA-DA! Beautiful....but they didn't get it:) That means it's still available! 

Email us at with any questions. Thanks for looking! New dresses are coming in daily, we are putting out loads of fun spring and summer clothes all week. We hope to see you soon!

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  1. OMG...that black 1950's New Look Silk Party dress is way to glamorous for words! I need a dress like this in my life. Unfortunately, it is not my size but nonetheless it is beautiful to look at. Thanks for sharing this stunner and allowing us to see what it actually looks like on.