Friday, October 12, 2012

An Everyday Vintage Vixen is Born

Vintage clothing is a lifestyle for me, but it hasn't always been. I'm Liz, a 22 year old college graduate & in recent years have found that dresses suit my body type best and make me feel my best as well. I think a well designed, well crafted dress can make a person look a thousand times better than a pair of skinny jeans (but we all still need a pair - am I right ladies?). As women living in the modern age, vintage doesn't have to look outdated, but rather timeless and effortless, especially when you can cruise the well curated collection at Xtabay.

All-over lace cream dress with beautiful copper colored under layer.
When wearing vintage, I can go all the way with crinoline, pearls and some vintage inspired heels, but I can also pass as a lady in a cute, unique dress when I wear some flats and a modern cotton sweater. My vintage wardrobe can take my anywhere, for any occasion and whatever my fashion-mood might be. But as I said, it wasn't always this way.

How I became a total vintage fiend is I used to shop at some cute but big-name boutique stores and later discovered some of their internal policies concerning. I found myself wondering where I would get my cute dresses from now on. Then I realized I had some vintage treasure in my own backyard. The Xtabay.

One of my first Xtabay dresses.
Little navy blue number I can dress up or dress down, anytime, anywhere.
I found Xtabay many years ago but I was only the occasional vintage gal, not a full-time one. In the past year I realized that what I would normally spend on a dress at the previous stores - I could get for around the same price (or less) at Xtabay. But with one big difference.

The difference being that when I wear vintage clothing I feel special, and unique and confident. These pieces fit me perfectly, are one of a kind, excellent quality, are purchased locally and have a useful place in my closet. It's good for the environment, it's good for local business, it's good for me and it's a good price.

I apologize for the PDA, but this is the adorable Xtabay dress I wore for our engagement session.
Almost all of my vintage pieces are for my day-to-day life. I only have a few 'special-event' vintage dresses. A little black dress (Xtabay has lots!) and some colorful numbers for New Years or a wedding type of event. But I wear my other fabulous, but more versatile vintage dresses out for coffee, lunch downtown, to a movie at the Hollywood theater, or out to dinner at my favorite thai restaurant.

Wore this little number out for happy hour & got oodles of compliments.
Vintage is great for those extravagant parties but it's also great for grocery shopping and happy hour. Xtabay always has something new and wonderful to covet and salivate over. Some sweet sweaters, a wool pencil skirt (can't get enough), a new fabulous dress with some cap sleeves and a cute print or a dramatic full-length gown of deliriously fabulous material and construction. No matter what, Xtabay has got some vintage pieces that want to fit & flatter you when you leave the house next. Whether it's casual-fabulous or formal-fabulous, you should feel and look your best, and Xtabay has those beauties.

Casual-Fabulous. I have worn this to: Dancing, Trek in the Park, Karaoke & more.
I hope you consider wearing some vintage masterpieces next time you need to pick-up some nail polish remover & remember that vintage is for any time, any place and any age.

-Liz Devereaux

Liz Devereaux is a guest blogger and Xtabay aficionado. Thanks Liz!

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  1. Thanks for the nice inspirational post about vintage clothing. It's good to see so many people now involved in the lifestyle. :-)