Monday, December 3, 2012

Scenes From The Xtabay Holiday Fashion Show Part 1: The Coats

The ladies of the Xtabay Holiday Fashion Show photographed by Holly Andres.
All dress from the Xtabay Holiday Collection.

This past Saturday the Xtabay (Annual) Holiday Fashion Show took place in our glamourous new bridal salon. Tickets were sold and all proceeds went to benefit the Cascade AIDS Project in Portland. The event was by far one of the biggest highlights of my career. I am so honored to have the support of such beautiful, talented people who helped to make the event a huge success. We managed to raise a whooping $1,200 for the cause and had so much fun.
I literally have hundreds of photo's from the event and I'm going to post them  in segments. I will begin with the coats....

 Dianne makes her grand entrance in a tomato red 1960's mod coat by Samuel Robert (with original tags 398.) and reveals a glittering white 60's cocktail dress (298.) above.

 Krystal looks foxy in a 1960's patchwork coat by Modelia (298.) and a matching brown fedora (68.)

Famed photographer Holly Andres wears a 60's turquoise wool jacket by Modelia (398.)

Iris photographed by Holly Andres.

Iris plays the Femme Fatale in an 80's does 40's fur trimmed velvet suit by Climax (198.) and incredible veiled hat from the 1940's (148.)

 Margaret looks radiant in an apple green 1950's fox trimmed swing coat by Lilli Ann (498.)

Kara looks sexy yet demure in this 30's leopard print fur jacket (298.) and matching muff (78.) and hat (98.) photo by Holly Andres.

 Mila looks darling in a 1960's persian lamb trimmed suit by Charles Talbot.

 Miss Margot looks downright dangerous in a new-old stock leopard print coat from the 50's (398.)

 Pearl stuns the crowd in an exquisite 1960's blue fox trimmed sleigh coat (with original tags attached 998.)

 Jade leave the crowd breathless in a 1960's lynx trimmed coat with matching wool pants. (895. original price tags still attached.)

 Terri Lodge in a 1930's boiled wool princess coat with leopard print collar. (695.)

 Why don't I just show you the video!

 Thanks and stay tuned for part two! The cocktail dresses!

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