Friday, September 6, 2013

New Arrivals September 6th

1930's silk chiffon Autumn Galaxy gown, waist 30" 398.

1930's Pink and Black Hollywood glamor gown, waist 22" 298. Fun fact: Natalie Portman tried this on!

Stunning 1940's rayon gown by Party Lines for Emma Domb, sold.

Adorable 1950's Bridal Original wedding dress, waist 26", 498.

Gorgeous 1950's Harvey Berin silk cocktail dress, sold the second we got it in!

Stunning 1940's rayon crepe cocktail dress with rhinestones and floral bouquet, Waist 32", 298.

Fabulous vintage handbags!

1960's brocade "it" dress- sold!

Brilliant turquoise wool boucle coat with rhinestone buttons, med. 198.

Impeccable 1960's Italian wool knit dress and matching coat set. Waist size 30", set 198.

charming 1950's leopard print hand bag, 38.

Our newest edition! I'm so excited to introduce my newest rescued family member:  Mr. Guy (pronounced Ghee).
I think he fit's in quite nicely, no?

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