Friday, September 26, 2014

Dior or Die

It's out! Dior or Die, the sequel to The Lanvin Murders, is available now on Kindle for $3.99, with the paperback to follow in mid-October. Dior or Die features Joanna Hayworth, the owner of a vintage clothing boutique based on the Xtabay. (The novel's author, Angela M. Sanders, used to work here, and apparently while she was helping customers try on dresses, she was also dreaming up poisoned cocktails and diamond thefts.)

Here's the back cover description:
It's a situation tailor-made for trouble.
Portland, Oregon, vintage clothing store owner, Joanna Hayworth, is in a tight spot. Her plans to upgrade her store have derailed, and costs are mounting. When she wins three trunks of vintage haute couture in an auction, she thinks her luck has changed--but it's about to get much worse. The clothing's high-society matron owner turns up poisoned, and police seize the wardrobe, leaving Joanna with more debt, a friend wrongly jailed for diamond theft, and a convent of quirky nuns depending on her for help. 
There's only one way to calmer waters: find the murderer, and fast.
Check it out! If you haven't read the first book, The Lanvin Murders, you can buy it at the Xtabay and at Powell's. Also, make sure you sign up for Angie's monthly newsletter. It's full of good things about living the vintage life.

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