Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Book Of Love

1950's book on love by the Peter Pauper Press. 
New Voluspa Candles in this week! 

The Queen Of Hearts dress from the 1950's. Coming soon to our Etsy shop!

Pretty prom shopper Taylor trying on a 1950's pale green prom gown.

Beautiful vintage bridal jewelry.

Vintage 1930's style wedding gown in the bridal salon.

Wedding advice from the 1920's…"but never let him know you manage him",

New arrival in the bridal salon: Stunning 1920's style wedding gown. 

Toby will be your Valentine if no one else will:)

The other day I was out rummaging around (like I do) and found this adorable little book called L'Amour from 1957. For a mere two bucks this should get me into the Valentine's Day spirit! 
That was until I started to read it and quickly realized this book was meant the broken hearted, bitter, and all around down on love club. Which if you are a member, and God knows I've been many, many times, than this is the book for you. 

Happy Valentine's Day! We hope you stop by this weekend for doggie kisses, pretty dresses and Valentine's cookies!

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