Sunday, June 21, 2015

I'd Wear That

About a month ago I was trying to get dressed for the English Dept. Fashion Show ( oh yeah, I own that one too) and found myself at a loss. How could I, owner of Xtabay-arguably the most fabulous vintage store in Portland, have nothing to wear?!

The racks at Xtabay were chock full of tiny, froufy, 1950's prom and party dresses. Things a 40 year old woman with a 30" waist simply cannot wear without looking like an imposing, giant toddler. 

I cried out emphatically to the Universe, "I wish I had a big, fabulous, mirrored Kaftan to wear!"

Two days later I found two of them. Spiritual wisdom through the ages says ask and you shall receive, and I have come to find this to be true. Try it and let me know what happens:) 

Honestly, over the past couple years I've started to feel a disconnect between me and my store. Xtabay was beautiful, glamorous and successful but was bordering on foreboding and a little intimidating to the average shopper. The common sentiment overheard everyday at the shop was " oh, this place is like a museum!",  "does anyone actually wear this stuff?"and "I LOVE this place but never have an occasion to wear anything in here". Hmmmm….

So it is my intention to bridge the gap between me and my store. To let Xtabay reflect the woman I am today and the styles and things that I love. I am a die-hard lover of fashion, beauty and art. I am a Libra who loves flowers, birds, chandeliers, music and candles and for the first time in a long, long while I feel like sharing and decorating myself.

Can I get a Hallelujah?

 And with that I present the "I'D WEAR THAT" Collection. Using myself (remember, 40 years old and a size 10) as the sole model and curator of the collection. 

I am wild about these little Mexican embroidered dresses. My seamstress modifies them just enough to make them sexier and more flattering than their original adaptation. I have been living in a black and purple one over the past two weeks and the compliments never end! 

I decided to snag this one for myself the minute Erin removed the sleeves. 

Here are the two mirrored Pakistani Kaftans that showed up two days after I called out for them. I had Erin make them short though because honestly in this weather I want to be able to show off my legs. Plus, they just look way cuter. Paired with one of our vintage straw bags you'll be singing Bohemian Rhapsody all over town. 

Speaking of Erin, look what she made out of a few yards of vintage Hawaiian fabric I had. Erin is our incredibly talented seamstress that can fix, transform, alter and restore just about anything she puts her mind to. She has made 100's of brides ecstatically happy. I am totally in love with this strapless, boned, vintage patterned summer party dress she made. It looks chic with gold jewelry and my new Vince Camuto heels. I would totally wear this on a date, to a party, or just our shopping around. 

Erin made this dress too. I had had this 1950's polished cotton for years, and was so excited to see it made into something so beautiful. Of course, a few minutes in our shop window and it sold. It's being worn to a rather fancy wedding in Montana I think? 

This next dress I am really excited about. It is the latest in our Xtabay Exclusives Collection for the Bridal Salon. It's the most gorgeous rose gold embroidered tulle and makes one's skin look absolutely radiant. We stock it in a 28, 30 and 32" waist. I am wearing the 30" and it looks and feels amazing!

I am just now beginning to master the art of the selfie;)

How cute is this little ensemble? This 1970's three piece knit set was made in Italy and was sold at Bloomingdales. It reminds me a little of Jane Birken. The color looks amazing on sun-kissed skin and again I love it with gold accessories. I'd totally wear this. 

More things I'd most definitely wear, most are available to purchase in our  Etsy Shop

1940's NOS rayon pajama set. NOS means new old stock, meaning nobodies creepy body parts have been sleeping in it:) 
1980's Missoni Two Piece Knit sweater and skirt set. Amazing.

Amazing again I know…1980's Missoni Flame Knit magenta magic dress. 

Sexy Grecian gauze dress and adorable 1960s cotton eyelet sun suit. Perfect for a day at the beach.  

Selfie lessons with our newest family member Melissa! Melissa has been a dear friend of mine for many  years and is one of the nicest, funniest people you will ever have to pleasure of getting to know. I am so excited to welcome her to the Xtabay family. 

I hope you will stop in and witness how the shop will evolve over the next few months. Hopefully, we will have something YOU too can wear and enjoy. 


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  1. I hear you on the clothing identity crises - I'm there as well. But your posts on the subject makes me more hopeful about the outcome. I'm not quite sure what to ask for though - apart from wanting to look at least half as good as you do!