Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Dress of the day: 1950's Dorothy O'Hara

1950's Dorothy O'Hara Ad.
“Dorothy O’Hara endorses the slim silhouette, exclusively, Her distinctive signature, the “all-in-one-piece” drapery, places this designer in a class of her own. She literally wraps the body in fabric and her ingenuity makes the most of a woman’s figure.
Working with the grain of the fabric and molding it to give depth to the bust and minimize the waistline, the “poured-into” style is nevertheless a step-in dress in every case. The woman can slip easily into her clothes after hairdo and makeup.”

— Los Angeles Times, July 9, 1954 

I have been a huge fan of mid-century designer Dorothy O'Hara ever since I tried on one of her dresses a few years back. The way the dress effortlessly gave me a slim waist, perfectly proportioned hips and a well….TANTALIZING bust got me hooked. No other piece of clothing had that kind of magic power over my not so hourglass form.  I admit to hoarding them whenever we get one in. 
Case in point, the dress above has been hanging in my "private collection" for quite some time. In a strange fit of generosity ( honestly it has always been too big in the bust for me) I decided to offer this one up. It is the perfect little black dress and will never ever ever go out of style. It will do things for your figure you never thought were possible! 

This beauty is available to purchase in the lovely boutique or online in our Etsy store. 

That's me in my favorite 1940's Dorothy O'Hara dress. 

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