Friday, July 2, 2010

Polka Dot Delight and more little black dresses...

  1950's Polka Dot Delight, size 2-4, waist 25", 98.
Check out the scooped out back!
1960(the original owner said) black chiffon party dress with plunging neckline. Really, it is the perfect little black dress. There is no longer a label in it but looks to me like a Miss Elliette or a Jack Bryan.
Size 5-6, with a 27" waist, offered at 175.
The perfect tear drop rhinestone choker by Hattie Carnegie from the 1950s. 125.
The late 40s Adele Simpson mystery dress, a mystery only because I cannot figure out how to tie up the side. Maybe you can help me! It is a size 4, and being offered at 148. A steal, I know.
Last but not least, me. Heavily photoshopped to even out my skin tone--showing off my new 1940's rayon dress--a total score at Goodwill for less that a latte and scone. A true miracle because I had just that week been lamenting the fact that I never find good 40's rayon print dresses anymore and how that was really what I wanted. Well, as they say: Ask and you shall receive. There it was, like new and in my SIZE.  Miracles really do happen. Set your intentions high ladies and just wait and see!


  1. Gorgeous stuff! Super congrats on the 40's dress - i never ever find them either; hoping when I go home to the Mid West for a quick jaunt this summer I will have better luck. I keep sending people over to you for wedding requests - hope wedding season is being good to you! - christine

  2. Yay! Congratulations!!!

    Lucky you!

    And when you're done with it, maybe you could toss it my way?



  3. Thanks Christine!
    It was a minor miracle--where are all those dresses? Good luck in the mid-west, i always here that the pickings good out there. I need to come check out your shop! I've heard good things:)

  4. Thanks Miss Lorrel Mae!
    I know you have the midas touch when it comes to finding great dresses!
    By the way, I think the rayon dress would be way too big on you!

  5. What a lovely dress! Just found you via an Etsy mini collage that featured that wonderful 1940s bathing suit~~another beauty! You have a stunning collection of vintage, if I'm ever out there I will be sure to visit your shop.

    Best Wishes,