Thursday, July 1, 2010

Soulful Dresses...

1950's grey taffeta party dress with silk scarf. Waist 27", offered at 225. No label.

All dresses are currently available at Xtabay, except for the dress Allison is wearing. She decided she had to have it after we emphatically convinced her that a black satin hand painted 50's rhinestone studded cocktail dress in a size 10 (modern) was simply too good to pass up. Besides it cost about the same amount as a pair of jean shorts at Anthropologie, and I seriously doubt if those denim shorts are going to mean anything to you for years to come. The dress on the other hand is one of those pieces that memories are made in. In fact, most of the dresses at Xtabay are like that. They are pieces that become story tellers in your closet. They become the pieces you get photographed in and tell your children about. They become the dresses that get passed down to generations to come. Okay, I'm getting a little schmaltzy...
 But Seriously, clothing is so disposable these days. It's become soul-less. It makes me sad and depressed. Trends come and go so fast you can't even see them! Frankly, I have no idea what is IN right now. It's all starting to look meaningless...vapid, flushable down the toilet-able.
What I mean is these dresses have soul. They were made with love to be worn with love and you will look lovely in them. There... that's all.


  1. Are the sizes available for the first and second dresses? OMG, they are just beautiful!

  2. Hi Priscila!
    Thanks for commenting! The first dress has a 27" waist and up to 36" bust. It is for sale for 225. The green one unfortunately sold yesterday!
    We are always happy to ship :)