Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bridal Blush....

Let's face it, brides are not always the easiest customers. Expectations can be rather high and sometimes finding the perfect gown can take....YEARS. And even's still not the PERFECT gown.

Not so with this young lady. She and a couple of friends breezed in, picked a couple dresses off the rack, and after a couple naw's and so-so's, she slipped on this little number. Not your traditional white wedding gown, but a scrumptious blushing lace dress with a matching bolero from the 1950's.  That's when the magic started....first the dress...then the gloves...then the perfectly matching veiled hat with a curling feather....and then VOILA! She had her wedding dress. Her girlfriends eyes teared up, the iphone camera's clicked and then they were off to celebrate with a glass of wine across the street at Broder.


  1. This stunning dress was made for this stunning bride~~a perfect match!


    ps~can you believe my Dad was in Portland on business over the weekend? I told him all about your shop, he probably drove by it!! He wants to know if "that mountain" has snow on it all year long?????

  2. Beautiful pictures! She's the perfect vintage bride! So great to meet you the other day. Your store is magical! I'll be posting the pics tomorrow. Thanks for visiting my blog. Keep up your gorgeous store and blog! xo