Friday, August 13, 2010

Joanne's Top Ten

Those of you who frequent Xtabay have no doubt been charmed by the English beauty behind the counter named Joanne. Joanne is a brilliant embroidery artist who creates fantastical work under the name Chromium Dumb Belle. Joanne has a style that is all her own. I look forward to coming into work to see what she's wearing. I asked her to pick out her ten favorite things in the store at the moment, here is what she came up with....

1. Exquisitely beaded cobalt blue 1940's crepe evening gown.
2. 1960's Henry Water's Shoes of Consequence silver slippers with rosebuds.
3. Amazing 1940's pin-striped gabardine jacket with pink lucite buttons....
and ducktail back.
4. 1980's B. Michael navy straw circle hat, she has since added this to her personal collection!
5. 1980's silk lame evening suit by John Young, complete with gold braid belt. "It's the good-bad lame..."
6. Cinderella's tiny carriage charm that lives in the gilded showcase.
7. One of my personal favorites as well....1940's silky jersey floral gown with sequined peony print. Sorry but this beauty sold this afternoon....
8. 1930's straw perching top hat with silk ribbon and floral dreamy!
9. Amazing 1970's sterling silver artist made shell necklace, that happened to belong to the same woman who owned the cobalt blue beauty...
10. Okay...she cheated, she couldn't decide between these pairs of shoes, all of which are beautiful, cheap and unfortunately not her size.
Thanks Joanne for sharing:)

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