Monday, August 22, 2011

10 Years And Counting....

Sorry, this gorgeous gown sold 2 minutes after I posted a picture of it online.  Take solace in the thought that it probably wouldn't have fit you. It looked frighteningly like a gown by Madame Gres, however the label was missing.  If I ever find a gown of this magnitude again dear reader, I will hold it for you:)

Now this beauty IS still available as of this moment. It seems appropriate that  I found this dress on the day of XTABAY's 10 year anniversary because it is kind of the perfect birthday party dress....or wedding dress. 1950's tiers of powder blue lace and tulle, 24" waist and 32" bust. 298.

Now this wedding dress deserves a second look, I posted pictures of it a while back but I feel they didn't do it justice. The other day a gal tried it one and it's spectacular beauty brought an onlooking customer to TEARS!  If that doesn't sell a dress I don't know what does...A whole audience of Saturday shoppers stopped and held their breathe when the bride to be walked out of the dressing room. And yes, one of them really did shed a tear. The bride however was not as moved and left politely saying,  when do you think you'll be getting anything else in? Such is retail....
1950's ivory illusion lace embroidered wedding gown, waist 27", bust 34" 298.

Everybody loves a can you resist the attention to detail this company put into their precious little dresses.
This white cotton eyelet dress was made in 1960, as is printed on the sweet little label. Lined in the softest pale blue polished cotton and further layered with a blue cotton organdy petticoat it begs of the expression "they sure don't make like they used too". Little fabric buttons up the back, snaps up the's almost too much.
Waist 24"( I know), bust 30"(it's really tiny) 145. But worth really so much more!

Okay, another little teaser, the one on the right side with the draping train and flowers in the back, it's already sold.
Again, I apologize and suggest you repeat the mantra "it probably wouldn't have fit" over and over again in your head.
That should help,  and take refuge in the realization that the lovely one on the left is STILL available!
It dates to the early 1900's and would make the dreamiest , most elegant little wedding gown.
It is however quite small. Waist around 24", bust 32" and hips up to 35".  It would prefer it if you were under 5'4". It is in excellent, barely worn condition and available for  248.

Xtabay celebrated its' 10 year anniversary on August 16th.  I can't believe it's been a decade since we opened. What started out as a funky little vintage shop filled with polyester shirts, rock tees and jeans has blossomed into a beautiful oasis of exquisite gowns and dresses.

 It gives me great pleasure to provide people with an escape from the harsh reality of modern shopping, where most often you are shuffled into a flourescent lit dressing room and handed a plastic card with a number on it. Where the clothing is made from a flimsy microfiber by under-paid people in third world countries and turns into a piece of pilled toilet paper after you throw it in the wash. Oops! I can get a little wound up when I think about it.
Thanks everyone for 10 years of business!  I owe it all to you. Don't worry,  I am planning a big SALE and Birthday party for the beginning of September. Stay tuned for details:)


  1. O dear.... I am madly in love with that top dress. No wonder it sold in 2 minutes, if they ever decide they don't need it I'd love to have it!

  2. Oh my goodness! I definitely would have snatched that Madame Gres-looking dress up in a heartbeat. It's my dream to be able to wear one of her dresses for my wedding. I even have a blog posting devoted to it!

  3. Congratulations what a wonderful achievement....your stock is always so beautiful....

    Leah X

  4. Absolutely stunning! You could wear these items in today.