Monday, August 1, 2011

My Top Ten List For August 1st

1. This Iced Aqua 50's party dress is stunning. Best of all it is in a size I can almost wear (give me one more week of good behavior and it'll fit). The waist is 29" and the bust is 36". The color is shimmering and iridescent.....This would make the dreamiest wedding dress EVER.  Priced at 348.

2. I'm in love with this brilliant green feathered hat. It is too small for my huge noggin, hence I am offering it to you. The glossy green feathers would look amazing on a red-head. 78.

3. I'm a sucker for anything green, obviously....If this little dress was any way near my size I would be wearing it right now.  1950's green silk party dress with diagonal bow details. Full skirt lined in a stiff paper backing to maintain fullness. Waist 24", Bust 32". 198.

4. When I was in the 8th grade I met a girl who was considerably cooler than me and most of my friends. She was a punk rocker. She made us watch Sid and Nancy. She kind of had a mohawk. I remember going to her house once and seeing her Enid Collins collection. They were her grandmothers. I had never seen anything like them and wanted them bad. A good 25 years pass and  she calls me to tell me she's thinning out her collection and would I be interested in them. Oh would I!?
Here is one of the nine or so she sold me. Direct from the collection that helped fuel my love of all things vintage. Thanks Amy:)

5. This late 60's abstract silk print is soooo good on! Curve hugging, sexy and rich looking...I may have to keep it. Waist 30", bust 36", Hips 39". 148.

6. This purse is gorgeous. 1950's black leather in a bold, modern shape. Super chic. About 14" wide. 68.

7. These 1940's black suede platforms are a work of art. Size 4 1/2. Know anyone with a size 4 foot? Send 'em over....98.

8. It's baaaaaaaaack! This is one of the top requested dresses of the year and lo and behold the lovely woman who bought it returned it. She wanted it let out and the seamstress told her no. So here it is once again for you. Waist size 26", bust 34", hips 38". Made by Charles Cooper. 198.

9. A mildly irritating* gentleman brought this 1943 slipper satin wedding gown in to show me a week or so ago. It had belonged to his mother. She bought it at Bullocks in 1943. The gown had been sealed in one of those forever wedding boxes and hadn't been taken out in years. 68 years. Despite telling me he didn't want any money for it he was offended at my offer and insisted it be put on consignment. Not just regular consignment but Special Consignment. Online only consignment! * I found this mildly irritating, but agreed to do it because the dress was in such great condition and has a 28" waist.  YAY!
Available here and on Etsy soon. Waist 28", bust 36". 298.

10. Don't mind my creepy expression or ill-fitting cotton dress, check out that BAKELITE necklace I have on! I found this at a yard sale a few blocks away from my store. Let me just wear it a couple of times and then I'll put it for sale in the shop. I promise.


  1. Wow.. Polkadot dress is great, so it the aqua one! Now I need a great occasion to wear them! Where do you find such amazing pieces?

  2. that necklace is amazing. yessss sell it :) haha any tips for bargain shopping?