Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Color Inspiration

Color scheme inspiration starting point, lovely 1930's pin....
assorted candy colored accessories-powder blue gloves, pistachio slingbacks, pink heels and a minty green fascinator...
vintage lace, organza and eyelet...

Margarita green silk organza 50's party dress

French blue and lilac 50's lace party dress, waist 24".

1960's lipstick pink with white lace overlay sheath dress, waist 26".

Pagoda print fit and flare drop waist cotton dress from the 50's by mode o'day...waist 24"

Pistachio linen 1930's eyelet dress....waist 26"...

Wonderful 1950's navy on pale pink Lucille Ball party dress, waist 31"

Pink, Navy and periwinkle sheer cotton floral....

1940's sheer cotton floral print...

1950's Coro iridescent fan necklace. 68.
I have to admit, I am not a fan of matching bridesmaid dresses. Why must we always stick everyone in a band of identical dresses? Whether they are all wearing tiffany blue, chocolate brown, tangerine tango or royal plum--does it really look better to have all your favorite ladies looking like members of the high school flag team?

I think dressing a bridal party in mismatched yet harmonious colors looks so much better-so much more organic and natural....like an impressionist painting! Less sports team more Monet.

There are things all around to base a palette on. For instance, today I picked up this lovely little vintage brooch. I'm guessing the pin is from the 30's, maybe 40's. I loved the soft luminous color scheme. A pistachio green, regency blue and soft pink. From there I kept finding things in those colors--gloves, shoes, dresses....all pieces that would all look so great mixed and matched together.

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