Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dress Imitates Art

Stunning Early 60's Blue Satin Party Dress. Waist 24"/ 248.

Yves Klein Blue Venus.
Brilliant blue and purple silk wiggle dress and matching jacket. Waist 25". 198.

Voluspa Candles in this week, I love the new jars!
Cockatoo print by John Gould.
White rose hat-let....
Rose painting from 1800's...
1950's white lined embroidered and rhinestone studded sun dress by Jerry Gilden. Waist 28"/298.

Degas Dancer in Blue...
1960's red rose garden party dress, waist 24".Petite. 198.
Cecily Brown paiting...Couple 2003
Amazing late 30's rayon jersey print dress, waist 28", 198.

I love the shirred sleeves and shoulders! 

Vintage 50's Peggy Hunt Nude Illusion wiggle dress, waist 31", 248.

Ballet pink 1960's Miss Elliette chiffon party dress, waist 26", 198.

Degas Dancers in Pink.
and in the bridal salon....Bride to be Anna tries on a 50's wedding dress.
And it's perfect for her!
After she decides to get it,  Joanne is so overcome with happiness she accidentally tells her she loves her...
it was pretty funny.
Tea and champagne leftovers, another happy bride has found her perfect dress!

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  1. Before I got all the way to the bottom of this post I was like, please tell me Anna bought that wedding dress! It's perfection on her... Congratulations!