Thursday, June 7, 2012

Garden Party!

Custom made floral cluster necklace by Todd Rouse, designed for Xtabay. 

Raspberry cluster necklace by Todd, I love this color combo!
1950's dotted organza party dress, waist 28", 198.

late 50's little red dress, so cute! Waist 24", 298.

Strawberry statement necklace by Todd, 78.
1950's white linen sailorette wiggle dress by Jerry Gilden, 198.

1960s new-old stock strawberry purse, 68.
1950s strawberry lace wiggle dress, waist 27-28", 248.

Luminous pearl statement necklace by Todd, sold.

FABULOUS florida orange necklace by Todd, 78.

1950's lemon meringue party dress with pompoms, waist 24", 198.

Coral beach statement necklace by Todd, 98.

Gabe gets his flirt on today with a customer...

1950's Salmon splendor party dress, waist 24". 248.

Blue aurora necklace by Todd, 98. 

I am so excited about this recent collection of vintage inspired statement necklaces by my good friend Todd Rouse. I love his sense of color, humor and above all glamour!!! Throw on one of these pieces with a little black dress or a pair of jeans and a tank top and you are instantly fabulous.
Each piece is one of a kind and entirely hand made by the master himself.

Thanks for looking!

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