Monday, June 25, 2012

What To Wear To A Wedding...

This late 50's nude lace concoction by Caryle is one of the most popular dresses the Xtabay has ever had. Three years ago I had the identical dress, and to this day I still get requests for it. Imagine my surprise when someone brought in another one! Here it is, a bit smaller than the previous one but every bit as gorgeous...waist 24", 298.  Perfect to wear to a semi-formal wedding with pearls and a pair of kitten heels.

Who can resist this darling early 60's Hawaiian sundress by Casual Aire?  I love how it laces up the back. It's kind of the perfect summer sun dress, kind of dressy- kind of casual...perfect. Waist 26", 198.

This little 50's cotton blouse and skirt set is so Hollywood! Pink seersucker with upturned collar and wrap top. Pink is always appropriate at a wedding... nothing says love like the color pink. Waist 26". 

 Going to a garden party wedding? What could possibly be cuter than this? Early 60's polished cotton border print dress with sun soaked blossoms...waist 26", 198.

 I think this Meyer Moskowitz? I think that's his name... straw bag with the fruit lining would be a perfect match.

 If you just happen to be a bride, maybe this 50's tea-length wedding dress would work?

Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with Peggy Hunt dresses. I rarely come across them anymore and have a strong tendency to keep them when I do. However, never in a million weight watchers meetings would I ever be able to fit into this one. So this 1950's illusion lace wiggle dress is up for grabs, if you have a 26" waist and 37" hips it could be the dress for you:)

 Lastly, the delicate abstract pink street scene print of this 60's dress has charmed the pants off me. Don't you think this makes the perfect wedding guest dress? I do.
Waist 26". 198.

Lately the only thing people have been coming in for are dresses to wear to weddings. I thought I'd pool some of my top favorites. Don't feel like you have to be attending a wedding to wear any of these though....they are really perfect for almost anything.

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  1. My fellow oregonians! So jealous of the things you have! If i were not a lowly college student I'd buy it all!