Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Favorite Things...

1960's Ice Blue Cupcake dress by Lorrie Deb, waist 26", 248. Perfect with our favorite new Tocca fragrance Violette.
Spectacular 1950's Steel Blue silk couture hat by Lorie of New York.  148.
Late 50's black satin cocktail dress with turquoise rosette and dangling buds--who doesn't want to wear dangling buds?! By Jackie Morgan. Waist 26". 248.
Gorgeous 1960's silk chiffon coral gown. 248. Waist 26". The Yma Sumac- inspired candle from Tocca! How excited was I when I discovered the Xtabay Goddess had her own candle?!
My favorite 60's cardigan to come in in a long time. How cute are those velvet rosettes? Sweater by Rosanna, size small. 98.
Exquisite 1950's-maybe 40's sparkling straw hat with whirling feather and perfect veil. 125.
So many pretty dresses being shipped all over the world this week!

My favorite customer of the week, my niece Maggie!
See anything you can't live without? Feel free to call us at 503-230-2899 with any questions. We ship all over the world!

Thanks for looking!

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