Thursday, August 16, 2012

Scaasi Couture Gown From 1959

 My friend Margit's mother owned this Scaasi couture gown and coat and wore it to the grand opening of the downtown Portland Hilton in January of 1961. The gown is actually from Scaasi's 1959 collection and is featured in the book "Scaasi Cut Above".  Margit gave me the book to go along with the dress.

I have had the pleasure of selling some of Margit's mother's other Scaasi dresses as well. Below are a couple you may recognize from the past couple years...

 So I'm sad to say this is the last of Margit's mother's Scaasi dresses. It pains me to see this one go, and I wish it fit me. Like the others that I've have sold in the past I would need to remove a couple ribs to get into it. So this week it will be up for sale. Thanks to Margit for trusting me with her mother's exquisite collection.

The gown will be available to purchase in our ETSY shop and in the bridal salon.

Please email me at with any questions.

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  1. Exquisite, Liz! It really is such an honor to be entrusted with such impressive works of wearable art.

    Bettie Jenn
    SHESABETTIE Fine Vintage Clothing and Accessories