Friday, January 18, 2013

Downton Xtabay...

  I am always amazed by how things show up at the store right at the perfect time. A couple of weeks ago a woman brought in her mothers wedding gown and veil from 1929. The dress is the most sumptuous champagne silk slipper satin and has a avant-garde zig-zag hemline and a long tulip shaped train. Each point of the train contains a weighted disc to preserve the shape. The veil is the most incredible antique french lace I have ever seen. Along the base of the skull is a row of wax flowers.

 Then things start to get really weird. Another woman comes to store with her grandmothers wedding dress and matching veil, also from 1929! Her grandmothers dress is the most beautiful delicate lace and ivory blush silk and features a silk flower in the center. It is also in beautiful almost pristine condition. How wonderfully random is that?! And just in time for the season premiere of Downton Abbey.

Thank you universe for always being on the same wavelength.

These wedding gowns and many others are available in our bridal salon for purchase. Please call us at 503-234-7568 to schedule an appointment.

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