Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pretty in Prom ….

Yesterday at work Rachael (you know her as one of Xtabay's most charming salesgirls)  and I decided to play dress up. Rachael is blessed with a Marilyn Monroe type figure and and looks adorable in all the little 50's prom dresses that are just too small to fit the dress forms.
Which one would you wear?  
According to our Facebook page, our fans favor the 1950's purple tulle with scattered sequins….waist 25"- Er…. we may have overdone it on the purple accessories:)
You can buy it in our HERE in our Etsy shop! 
Both Rachael and I love this dusty blush 1950's confection with rose gold sequins- waist 24", available to purchase HERE in our Etsy store.

I love how whimsical fashion was in the 1950's- this hat is the perfect example….

Butter London's "Full Monty" is the perfect gold polish to go with the dress.
Rachael also fit's perfectly into these Henry Water's Shoe's of Consequence Springolaters…they just happen to go with everything!
Pretty in Pink dresses…I love pink- it's the color of happiness in my opinion. 
This 1950's cherry blossom pink prom dress is so soft and pretty- available to purchase  HERE in our Etsy store. 

This late 50's cotton candy party dress has a 26"waist and is available to purchase HERE.
Fabulous late 50's shocking pink party dress is available to purchase HERE.

Not to be a tease but these incredible pieces from the 1930's came in this week too….also available in our ETSY store.

Upstairs in the Bridal Salon we've had some really beautiful new arrivals this week-including this 50's spun sugar tea-length wedding dress with a 28" waist. 
Also, a dreamy collection of 1930's bias cut wedding gowns have just come in….

We hope to see you soon and happy spring break! 

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