Tuesday, March 4, 2014

So you're going to a "Gatsby" party….

1920's silk chiffon beaded flapper dress, art deco comb and 1930s perforated heels.  

1980's does 1920's flapper dress, 30's hat and 1960s shoes. Dress and hat have already sold…to someone going to a "Gatsby" party. 

1920's wedding dress with lace sleeves. For the Gatsby bride... available in the bridal salon. 
1930s heels and Whiting and Davis silver mesh bag. 

 Let me guess…you've been invited to a Gatsby themed party. Whether a school auction, a company party or high school dance everything this year is Gatsby. Don't worry, here at Xtabay we've got you covered. Our stylish staff can throw together the cutest Gatsby ensemble in seconds flat. Below is Xtabay style expert Rachael trying on a 1920's velvet dress at Xtabay a few months ago….

 The key is to have an open mind and realize that you are not locked in to wearing head to toe authentic 1920's or 30's to get the "Gatsby" look. Let's face it, authentic 1920's and 30's dresses a la Daisy Buchanan are few and far between these days. Fortunately the styles (dropped waist, beading, bias cuts, fringe) have been repeated again and again in more recent decades. The 1960's mod movement was based on the liberated shapes defined in the flapper era of the 1920's.  Twiggy was a modern day flapper girl with her androgynous looks and shapeless mini dresses. A 60's shift dress with a long strand of pearls and some block heels can totally pass for a 20's flapper look and costs a lot less.  Below is a good example of 60's outfit that could pass for a 20's look. Just add a couple long strands of beads and you are good to go! Remember- the more you sparkle the more "Gatsby" you become...

  I hope we've inspired you to come in and try on some of our fabulous "Gatsby" outfits. We guarantee you'll feel as pretty as Miss Buchanan herself!

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