Thursday, March 3, 2011

From Portland To Palm Beach

photograph by Slim Aarons of a couple in Palm Beach.
1960's Cashmere knit Pucci dress, size 6-8, 495.
1960's silk chiffon floral evening gown with rhinestone buckles, size 7-8, 248.
1960's Lilly Pulitzer maxi dress, size 6-8, 135.

1960's Lilly, size 7-8, 98.

Emilio Pucci for Chesa shirt, size med. 98.

2 pc. Emilio Pucci for Formfit Rogers lounge set. Med. 298.

Fabulous 1960's color block gown. Size 6, 125.

Swirl wrap dress with table and chairs, med-lrg. 75.

Tiny colorful Deliso Debs, size 5 1/2,  48.
  This week I'm thrilled to bring a little Palm Beach fashion to rain-soaked Portland, Oregon.
It is not often that I get may hands on some vintage Pucci, the closest I usually get is a nude Pucci for Formfit Rogers half slip. They're great and all, but unless you stick the tag up in the back nobody is going to know it's a Pucci and not a Vasserette.
 Last week a gal called me saying she had some of her grandmothers collection to sell. She told me her grandmother was an east coast society lady who loved designer clothing and bright colors. She mentioned she had some Pucci's and I thought to myself....yeah, sure. But lo and behold, there they were. Could I afford them? No, but I told her I would consign them for her.
These are just a few of her items.  Just seeing the colors make me happy.

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  1. How colourful & fun! Perfect change from the dreary weather we've been having lately.