Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tangerine Dream...

1950's tangerine dream formal gown. Size 8-10, 248.
1920's silk chiffon flapper dress. Size 6, 298. Available on etsy at:
1940's femme fatale cocktail hat. 78.
1960's coral chiffon gown by Emma Domb. Petite size 5-6, 248.
1960's watermelon silk cocktail dress. Size 9-10, 148.
Wonderful silk expressionist dress from the 60's.
1950's Harry Keiser ice organza party dress, size 2, 248.

Just a peek at some of our new arrivals this week. If you are interested in purchasing any of these dreamy items please contact us at Feel free to call us at 503-230-2899 between the hours of 11am -6pm PST with any questions or to make a purchase over the phone. We are always happy to ship.  Thanks so much! Aren't they just fabulous?

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