Thursday, March 17, 2011

My good friend Laura owns Bliss Salon and Day Spa up the street from Xtabay on Southeast Division Street. Laura is a brilliant make-up artist and gives the most heavenly facials in the world. Yesterday she introduced me to Carmel. Carmel recently joined Bliss and is a talented nail technician.  Carmel had just had her hair and makeup done and Laura dragged her down to Xtabay to try on some of our vintage cocktail dresses. Carmel came in looking like Ava Gardner in a jeans, running shoes and a sweatshirt.
I quickly got her to try on the 1950's Harry Keiser cocktail dress with the portrait neckline. She instantly transformed...I think she liked what she saw.

Hair and make-up by Bliss Salon and Day Spa
Dress and Jewelry from Xtabay. All items in photos are available for purchase at Xtabay (except Carmel:)

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