Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hydrangea Haze

Early 60's Hydrangea party dress with beaded waistline. Waist 27".  248.
1950's lilac silk organza gown. Waist 26", 198.

1950's Jonathan Logan cotton sundress. Shown with mint green crinoline. Dress 148.
waist 26"

Mint crinoline, extra fluffy soft nylon. 68.

Sexy 70's chiffon tiered halter dress. 125. Size 4-6.

Amazing delicate 1920's cotton day dress with flap pockets. Size 4. 148.

1950's cotton sundress with fan print. Waist 28". 125.

Aqua blue trio, Springolater shoes size 7 1/2 58. Five strand 60's necklace 48. Aqua hat-let 12.

Fantastic 1950's silk dress by Nat Kaplan. Waist 27". 148.

Sexy 70's poison ivy knit gown with rhinestone studs.  148. Size small-med.

Gabe relaxing on the chaise lounge. 

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