Friday, June 10, 2011

Xtabay at The White House

Capricia Marshall on the far right in Xtabay gown.

Standing on the far right with The President, First Lady and The German Chancellor. 

1960's ice blue shantung evening gown.

Capricia in Xtabay gown at the State Dinner.

See the elegant woman on the far right? That is The United States Chief of Protocol Capricia Marshall.
Notice the icy blue 60's silk shantung dress she has on? Stunning right? Well, she bought it at Xtabay. You can imagine how thrilled I was when I found a picture of her wearing it on the White House steps!
Capricia discovered Xtabay when she read a small blurb about us in People Magazine. She contacted me and told me she attended a lot of formal occasions in Washington D.C and needed gowns. How exciting for me... Who was this glamorous woman needing gowns in D.C?  I did what any internet savvy girl would do and googled her name and was shocked to see it appear in the suggestion bar. I clicked and there she was, right next to the President of the United States!  I photographed a bunch of my favorite gowns in the shop and emailed them to her. She feel in love with the ice blue gown-- a gown that Jackie Kennedy would have have no doubt worn when she was standing on the White House steps--and from the exact same time period.
Thanks Capricia for making my month!  Next mission: find something for Michelle...