Friday, June 17, 2011

Sexiest Dress Of The Year Award...

Late 40's Lurex bombshell dress by Emma Domb, waist 26", Amazing. 348.

raspberry lurex....

boned bodice...

Can you say ....Man Trap?

Animal attraction....1970's by Estevez, size XXS, 98.

Sexy brass grommet halter neck...

New-old stock Tigress perfume and powder, I am in love with the packaging. 

1950's leopard heels, size 6 1/2. 48.

The perfect 1950's cotton eyelet wiggle dress, size 2-4. 125.

Amazing 1950's cotton hawaiian print dress by Nana. 298. Waist 26".

Comes with bolero jacket...
people! pineapples!

Beautiful 1950's floral circle skirt. Waist 28", 78.
Lilac crinoline, 48.

Gorgeous snow white 50's tea-length wedding dress with rhinestone bodice. Waist 24". 298.

Matching bolero jacket with rhinestone buttons.

Made by the other Carole King.

1970's  Cotton Emilio Pucci dress. Size medium. 248.

Stunning 1950's silk taffeta cocktail dress by Miss America! Waist 27", 248.

The vintage gods have smiled upon me this week and deposited a stunning collection of sensational cocktail dresses. The Emma Domb raspberry lurex dress is a strong contender for the sexiest dress of the year award. The Estevez halter gown is a close second....if either one of those dresses even remotely fit me they'd be in my closet.  If you see anything you just have to have please call us at 503 230 2899 between the hours of 11-6pm PST. We are happy to ship anywhere you'd like!
Thanks for looking....


  1. That Emma Domb is incredible! I love the color, the fabric, the draping.....I love everything about it!

  2. Just GROGEOUS my Dear girl!!!!
    Blessings, Penni xxx

  3. I sooooo wish that my waist was that small! I love your Posts my Dear! xxx

  4. These dresses are all vary pretty I really like the emma domb and nana dress.

  5. My friend just got married in that same Estevez! Sooo beautiful!

  6. Oh My! That Emma Domb dress may be one of my top 5 dresses you've posted ever. I may have to call on Monday and see about sizing. Va-va-voom!

  7. my goodness! Can I buy EVERYTHING!?!?!?! :)