Sunday, May 6, 2012

Xtabay Glamour At Sea...

Sight seeing in San Francisco with my Fiance (left) and our friend Evan (right).

For the last 7 days I've been at sea....My fiance's parents were celebrating their 60th (yes, that's 60 years) wedding anniversary and took the whole family on a week long Princess Cruise off the coast of California.
Being my first cruise, I had no idea what to expect. All I could imagine were scenes from the LoveBoat and briefly considered getting my hair done into a bowl cut. I packed for poolside glamour and the possibility of some karaoke contests (my not so secret passion). 
While I don't have any poolside pics to share with you I will say I wore an adorable polka-dot 50's style swimsuit from Popina and an italian silk cover-up/robe from Xtabay. My favorite spot on the ship was the Santuary, a private sun deck you pay 10 bucks to enter and get served cakes and watercress sandwiches while you bask in the sun. Totally decadent and way better that the sitting by the public pool watching a full blast Barry Manilow concert on an enormous jumbotron movie screen--seriously this was really happening. 
There were two formal nights and while I was disappointed in the lack of actual formal wear on the ship ( since when was a sparkly t-shirt and stretch pants considered formal?!) I took the opportunity to wear one of my favorite gowns...A 70's Missoni lurex knit number with wings and my biggest and boldest rhinestone earrings and bracelet. My 30's green python bag was the perfect evening bag. 
The second formal night I toned it down a tad and wore a fantastic asian inspired 40's rayon dress with red and black beads at the collar and on the front pockets. I paired it with my red Kate Spade patent leather platforms and the green python bag--as well as the enormous rhinestone earrings. Everyone needs a big pair of rhinestone earrings! I love them and am kicking myself for not wearing them by the pool!
Oh well, next cruise I'll know better.

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