Sunday, May 20, 2012

Xtabay Presents: The Bette Collection Part 1

Pair of 1960's Modelia Mod Dresses, never worn. Size 4.

1960's New-old Leo Narducci pleated mini dress. Available in our Etsy shop.

New-old stock 60's Samuel Robert white leather coat, size small. 

1960's Claret Orange Crush mini dress, sold.

60's New-old stock patch pocket dress by Don Sophisticates. Size 2-4.

New-old 60's pink knit dress by Mr.Mort....size 4-6/

Another darling Mr.Mort dress in taupe linen, original tags, size 4-6

A very lady-like dress set by Mam'Selle, new-old stock. Size 2-4

Adorable dress set with original tags and Peter Pan collar. I love this!

Turban swirl hat and butterscotch woven hat by Christian Dior..

The most amazing brilliant blue suede coat, made in Israel original tags still attached. Size small.

Mustard Yellow patent pumps by Mario Pompo, size 9 S.

1960's Polished Cotton paisley print day dress, waist 24". 

Grass green brass button down day dress. Waist 25". Available now in our
Etsy shop.

Lime green new-old wool boucle patch pocket coat. Immaculate. Size 4-6

Early 60's lion crest 2 piece skirt and top set. Waist 25".

The perfect shift for 60's blue bow dress. Size 4

1960's lilac jersey wiggle dress and jacket, sold.

 So I've been a little MIA this past week. Truth is I've been hard at work processing one of the most exciting collections of vintage clothing I've ever had. The Bette collection is vast and primarily dead-stock. Bette did the bulk of her shopping (um...hoarding) during the late 60's and had a habit of tucking things away and forgetting to ever wear them. In fact her voracious appetite for stylish, expensive clothing was so huge that there simply weren't enough hours in a lifetime to wear them all. She bought multiples of everything. If she like a style of jacket she would buy one in every color they came in. Buying a lime green suede jacket? Well then of course you would need to buy the matching shorts!? Often, I will pick up one of her coats to find that inside there is a matching skirt, pant, and dress. Bette favored certain designers: Mam'selle, Anne Fogarty, Modelia, Mr.Mort, Samuel Robert, and Bonnie Cashin (I will be doing a post on all those soon!).
It will take awhile to get through her collection, but over the next few weeks I will be adding pictures and posting on our Facebook page.
A collection like this doesn't come along very often, especially in new-old stock condition. Fortunately for you, Bette was about 4 sizes smaller than yours truly so I won't be hoarding any of it for myself!

If you see anything you can't live without call us at 503-230-2899 or email me at

One of Bette's unworn evening gowns, size 2-4.
available now in our Etsy store.


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