Saturday, May 26, 2012

Xtabay Prom Dresses Come To LIfe

Vanisha wearing her 1950's Xtabay prom gown this April 2012
Robin looking like a Renior painting in a 40's Patullo Jo-Copeland tiered evening gown from Xtabay for prom.
I love how she styled it and can you believe how fabulous that necklace is?!!!

Kaylon looks so beautiful in her Xtabay yellow rose late 50's prom dress. 

Shannon and her handsome date look adorable in the 50's red scalloped hem prom dress.

Jamie looks beautiful on the left in this 50's teal party dress....

Nothing makes me happier than seeing one of our dresses come to life on someone. Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful pictures from prom this year! You all look fabulous!
If you have a picture of yourself in an Xtabay dress please send them to me, I would love to share them with everyone.


  1. Wow! so impressed with these young ladies who already have such great style!

  2. They are so beautiful with prom dresses, it's also a very good idea of bring the dresses to daily life.