Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Back To Bristol

New England Man.
Our Bed and Breakfast

Sitting in front of Alfred's , in my best New England wear.
Three generations....

Click for full view, walking near Colt State Park.

In Bristol everyone displays their flag. Click to see full view.
Click to see....41 Union Street. My grandma's house
Hope leads us down the street to watch the sunset.

My cousin Hope dancing at the foot of the street.

My grandmother as a baby.

Sunset at Colt State Park
Lemonade on the veranda with my mom and Gaga.

Treasures on the mantle...

Slice of lime flip flops...

 Things have been a little dull here this week at Xtabay. We have been getting in loads of festive holiday party wear, but nobody is quite ready for it. The temperatures have been in the 70's, so nobody feels like coat shopping either. So I thought I'd share with you my trip to Bristol, Rhode Island.
 Bristol is one of my favorite places on earth and home to my beloved grandmother Gaga. You may have read about her in my post a month or two back "Early Influences".  My fiance Jeff and I took the 6am flight from PDX and landed in Providence around 4:30pm. We were both exhausted and cranky, but when we checked in to the light filled B&B, our moods started to lift.
The next morning  I put on my best "New England" outfit: a brightly printed Malia sundress and some lime green Kate Spade flip-flops that I scored at Marshalls for ten bucks. I was immediately upstaged at the coffee shop by a man who had THE ULTIMATE NEW ENGLAND outfit on. I secretly snapped his picture.

Don't worry, next week will be all about coats and dresses....


  1. I've driven by your Gaga's house so many times, I recognized it immediately, so beautiful. I've also seen the "New England Man" around town, that is just too funny!

  2. I love your hot pink dress. It contrasts so perfectly with the cheerful lime green flip flops!