Saturday, October 23, 2010

Liquid Diamonds...

What could possibly be more glamorous than an evening gown drenched in silver sequins?
 Joanne gives this late 60's gown a decidedly 1930's feel, it looks like it was plucked from Ginger Rogers dressing room. The simple, almost demure top with the long floor sweeping skirt gives it an elegance that a lot of sequined evening gowns seem to lack.
 The dress still has its' original tag and was made in California. The name of the designer escapes me but it was something like an Alyce Original. It was originally priced at 570. which back in those days was boo koo bucks. Hell, even today that seems like a lot of money...The dress is currently being featured in the store window and is waiting for you to come in and try it on.


  1. Wow, this dress is so amazingly gorgeous! If I lived in Portland, I would have to come in and try this on!

  2. pure love! what size is it in?

  3. Thanks for the comment! The blue gown is about a size 4-6. It would look lovely on you!