Thursday, October 28, 2010

Style Like ME.

I decided to make this post all about me. I realize it's been such a long time since I did a personal post, that I hadn't even shown you my new haircut! Two weeks ago I took the plunge and chopped off a good 12" of hair.  I've worn my hair long for the years now?  It was starting to look like scraggily old hippie man know, the kind that's long and thin and just serves as a sad reminder of ones lost youth??
  So here I am, that's me with my new haircut, in my vintage black and white leopard raincoat, along with Joanne and Amy in the Xtabay dressing room mirror. That's my favorite new light fixture (click on the picture so you can see it in all it's glory), and that my friends... is what I made for dinner tonight. I notice a lot of  popular style blogs are always including these tantalizing photos of what they just ate. So I decided to include a photo of one of my culinary masterpieces. Here is the recipe for my world famous double fiber sloppy joes.....

    Liz's Famous Sloppy Joes:   (prep time: 8 minutes tops)
1 Can of Amy's Black Bean Chili
2 double fiber (they HAVE to be the double fiber ones, the regular ones just lack) english muffins
a good handful of shredded cheddar cheese ( I prefer Tillamook)

Heat Chili from can on medium until hot.
Toast double fiber english muffins
dump chili onto toasted muffins
sprinkle with cheese
(optional) garnish with piece of lettuce
serves 2



  1. Much better than your mother's Sloppy Joes of the mid '90's!

  2. Much better than your mom's Sloppy Joe's of the mid-90's!

  3. love your new hair and your shop!

  4. Your new light fixture is divine! At first I thought it was a well photographed brooch and thought "Wow,those stones almost seem to give off light!". Then I clicked on it, and realized they did indeed give off light, like the kind that comes from having a light bulb inside. Simply smashing!