Saturday, October 23, 2010

Joanne in Rudi Gernreich

Up for your consideration is this exquisite metallic knit gown by Rudi Gernreich. 
Joanne was so excited to model it for me-- she absolutely adores this dress, and it shows.
Rudi Gernreich is famous for inventing the first topless "monokini" swimsuit and during the 1960's gained the reputation of being the most radical designer in America. He loved experimenting with materials, often using vinyl and plastic. He mixed dots and checks and added cut-outs. 
In the early 80's he designed the great "pubikini", which featured the models dyed and shaped--yes, you guessed it--pubic hair.  His pieces are highly sought after today and are few and far between. 
I think this gown would make an incredible wedding dress for a fashionista bride who wants something extra special and elegant. I love how the shoulders are suspended by knit the gold and silver shimmer in the light AND the fact that this elegant, beautiful gown has hidden side POCKETS. It's glamorous and practical. Thank you Rudi. 

Call for price and size details. Available now at Xtabay.

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  1. she looks lovely in this dress! your blog is amazing! check out mine!