Friday, May 27, 2011

Foot Fetish.

1940's size 4 platforms. 98.

1970's-80's Yves Saint Laurent espadrilles with gold laces. Size 38. 125. Like new condition.

New -old stock purple ankle strap heels by John Higdon. 6 1/2m. 48.

I can't stop buying shoes. I seriously can't resist them!  Lots and lots of teeny tiny shoes crowd the shelves at Xtabay. Nobody ever fits into them. Those who do say they would never wear them.  They rarely sell. Poor me....I wear the titanic of shoe sizes, size 10. If I had petite dainty little feet I'd be wearing these shoes all over town.
 Most Portland people wear Keens or Merrells. Portlanders love fleece jackets made out of recycled plastic bottles and big, bulbous, rubber clown shoes. My whole family wears Keens and Merrells. My fiance- God forbid-- wears CROCS, which are even worse!  I can't imagine what ladies during the 50's would say if someone showed them a picture of a pair of Crocs and told them that they were the shoes of the future...

I have to admit, I do own a pair of Crocs, pink Crocs. They are my designated indoor only shoes.


  1. THOSE BLACK ONES. ohmgod, those are my dream shoes. Are you selling them?

    x Gracie

  2. Hi Gracie, they are for sale, but they are a size 4!

  3. MUCH to love here! That purple haze is amazing! So much delicious goodness! Mwah! Sweet Louise