Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Juicy Fruit...

1950's fruit and veggie novelty print skirt. Waist 28" 75.

they look like they're up to no good!

1940's rayon berry pickin' dress with raspberries. Size 4-6. As-is. 98.
1970's Lanz strawberry fields forever dress, size 5-6. 58.

1960's straw strawberry bag, so cute! 48.
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Watermelon beaded neckline on silk evening gown. 

A vision is lime, size 7-8. 125.
1950's Schiaparelli nitegown, small 68.

early 60's iced melon heels. Size 8 1/2 N, 68.
Nesting birds next to the Mor body butters....
Grapes and berries necklace, 98.
Brilliant blueberry necklace. 98.
Crinolines, prices range from 48-68. Call us at 503 230 2899 to order one!
1960's Dior satin turban. 125.

Lovely customer wearing her new dress from Xtabay!

1970's-80's Diane Fres cotton fruit print fiesta dress. Size 6, 125.

Memorial Day weekend is approaching and that means it's barbecue and picnic season. What better way to kick off summer than with a flirty, fruity themed dress!  I picked out a selection of the juiciest, fruitiest, most picnic friendly things to get you inspired. Yes, it may still be dark and raining here in Portland but somewhere in the world the sun is shining....we hope.

Call us at 503~230~2899 to purchase over the phone. We ship domestically and internationally. Thanks for looking!

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  1. Oh my, too many things I want! Christmas should be here sooner....