Monday, May 16, 2011

Margo's Top Ten Favorite Items at Xtabay (that she hasn't already bought).

Margo's list, note her perfect old fashioned cursive handwriting! 

Margo and I both love this under appreciated  60's sequin dress by Pat Sandler,  it's too small for both of us
otherwise it would be in in one of our closets! size 4-6. 125.

Lime green 60's mini dress with matching coat. Size petite 1-2. Very small, very cute. 148.

Beautiful 1940's rayon peignor set, size 4, 89.

Beautiful golden compact from the 50's.  

Fabulous 60's floating chiffon watercolor evening gown with rhinestone loops in the back.
Size 7-8 petite. 148.

Margo loves Voluspa's Saijo Persimmon candle, and enjoys burning it in her bath/boudoir area.
Voluspa Maison Blanc candle 29.

Margo favors glamorous chiffon evening gowns and would consider this one for her own wedding if it weren't a size 0.                                        

A bit old and damaged, this necklace by Joseph Wiesner is still a stunner and Margo is seriously considering adding it to her private collection.

This is my purse and I'm not really willing to part with it yet, it's from the 50's and is hysterical.  Margo really likes it too. 
Margo wearing an Adele Simpson cotton rose print dress that she purchased at Xtabay a while ago.
Margo wearing a 30's lace gown that she purchased for the holidays.
Margo has worked part time at Xtabay for quite some time now. Sunday is her day and I always look forward to coming in on Monday morning to see how she has transformed the store. She is a gifted merchandiser and call sell jewelry like nobody's business.
  Margo is always dressed to the nines. She wears cocktail dresses in the day and is usually dripping in rhinestones and sparkles.  Margo has a style that is based purely on what she likes. She does not follow trends at all.  Never has, never will.  She never steps foot in the mall and her wardrobe is comprised almost entirely of vintage--except for her underpinnings, which she insists on ordering from Fredrick's of Hollywood.  Margo is a bombshell in the truest sense. She has a collection of vintage lounging attire that would make Jayne Mansfield jealous.
 I asked her who her fashion influences were and she said she isn't influenced so much by people as by she is by color, Margo loves color, brilliant aqua and turquoise are her mainstays. Seeing her walk down Clinton street in her aqua chiffon wiggle dress carrying her commemorative auto show plastic coffee mug is like a breath of fresh air.
Thanks Margo for sharing your top ten!

PS: I just realized I forgot to include a picture of the aurora crystal necklace, bracelet and earring set she wrote down. Sorry Margo! ( I have a feeling she's going to buy it anyway:))

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  1. I love her taste and style, and that's my name too! I'm a Portlander but (ridiculously) have never visited the store. Will have to wait till I have funds, though, as I know I will be unable to leave empty-handed. Love drooling over the blog, however! :)