Saturday, May 14, 2011

Joanne's Top Picks

Joanne in her own lucite lobster earrings, tibetan lambswool jacket and bangles.Chromium Dumb Belle
Joanne models a 1920's silk velvet hat with pave rhinestone arrow pin. 175.

80's oversized tunic top by Noa Noa, 38.  Look at her fantastic bangles! 

Joanne loves this 60's big bird yellow wool coat, minutes after she mentioned it this stylish customer came in and tried it on! Jacket by Anne Klein, 125.

1940's suede platforms, size 9 aaaa, 98.  Joanne would buy them but they are too big for her 8 1/2 aaaa feet!

1930's floral dancing dress, size 8-10. 125.

1940's panne velvet turban. 68.

Fantastic sculptural felt cocktail hat from the 40's....78.

1970's double layer silk chiffon polka dot dress by Pauline Trigere, 148. 

Joanne feels that this simple sleeveless 60's wedding gown has tons of potential. 
Joanne's dream dress from the 1930' would be hers if it weren't for the 24" waist.   198.

She loves my bangles....sorry! I'm keeping these for awhile:)

Joanne loves this glamorous rhinestone compact and lipstick set, the original brilliant coral lipstick is still inside. The set is 78. The Eisenberg rhinestone chocker surrounding it isn't bad either....125.

Victorian? pendant....125.

Today at work I asked Joanne (the beautiful british artist known as Chromium Dumb Belle) what her  favorite items in the store were at the moment. Joanne has an amazing eye and a style that is entirely her own. I always look forward to seeing what she's wearing and am constantly inspired by her ensembles. 
Thanks Joanne for showing us what you like!


  1. You have so many beautiful things in your shop. I loved Joanne's picks and especially love her 80's the hats and the floral 1930's dress...what a great collection!
    Leah X

  2. what on earth is joanne wearing? i want it!! did she make it?

  3. Isn't her outfit amazing? I know she didn't make it, I think she thrifted it!